Sunday, July 1, 2007

Day 11: Driving to Egypt

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I shall never complain about how boring a drive it is between Provo & Ririe. (Actually that is probably not true, I will complain, but it has nothing on this drive) Between Jerusalem and Cairo is one of the most barren places I have ever seen. Why people have been fighting over this land for the last few centuries is beyond me. I would be fighting to be allowed to leave. Needless to say my picture opportunities were limited. Most of the time I had to resort to photographing through the bus window. I usually am mocking the drive-by-shooting approach and now I am participating in it. Anyways here are my random visual thoughts from the drive.

Look, clouds. These are honestly the very first clouds I have seen since showing up in this country. I can only hope for more of these for the rest of the trip. It is so hard to make a bald sky look interesting.
My faithful sherpa.
This is were the landscape was starting to get interesting.
We stopped for lunch and the locals were pushing to preserve their little piece of heaven. I guess if these people can see the need to save this land then I guess all our excuses are gone.
I'm not sure the meaning of the sign but I assume its a daily tally of how many tourists say they would rather kill themselves than live here. (lets be honest it is probably a weekly tally)

There is someones vacation home out on that rock. (no seriously, it's like a castle)
All sarcasm aside, this area definitely had some potential.
The local airport to handle the massive tourism trade.
I think you can see tire marks in the foreground where they have started to do some landscaping.

This little rest stop was our last break before pushing on to Cairo.

OK, probably nothing portfolio worthy but funny memories none the less.


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