Friday, November 14, 2008

Springville Museum of Art & Why I Disappeared

Thank you to everyone that was able to make it to the Perspectives: Utah Lake exhibit that was held at the Cover Center for the Arts in October. I would like to inform anyone that is interested that I will have two images in the Religious & Spiritual Art Exhibit at the Springville Museum of Art. This exhibit can be viewed through December 28th. If you can make it there is another exhibit that you should definitely see, it is a retrospective of the black & white photography of John Telford (My photography professor) I have always been a great fan of his photography.

Posting has been a little slow as of late, I apologize. I am in the finishing stages of making a commemorative book through Commemorative Publications of the Beijing Olympics for the United States Olympic Committee. My schedule has been hectic to say the least. I was initially given three weeks to complete it but the direction has changed so many times that it has taken longer than that. It will end up being about 376 pages, hardbound, and the bulk of the book will focus on the photographic memories of the games. (With a focus towards Team USA). I was hired as the creative director and photo editor. I hired three design students from BYU (Reeding Roberts, Natalie Davis, & Deven Stephens) who created the design for the book and helped me assemble it. They did a marvelous job. But I'll be honest, I will be very glad for this project to be over and done so I can get back to my own photography.

Here is a quick sneak preview so you will have a sense of how the book will look when it is finished.

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