Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Day 14: Crossing the Red Sea

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Happy 4th of July. To celebrate, we woke up early and watched the sun rise over the Red Sea, took an in depth tour of every bank in Nuweiba, sat for hours in lines and cattle holding pens, and then finally crossed the Red Sea. I have a crazy hunch that Moses and the house of Israel probably were able to cross it quicker than we did, of course they had more motivation and less bureaucracy. By the time we got through customs in Jordan it was already dark. I think I am officially tired of travel days.

This is a view of our room on the beach.

This is a view from our window while our sandals dry outside.
Since the economy has slowed in Nuweiba, they now employ goats for street clean up.
This would be the cattle holding pen that I mentioned earlier.
Sleeping by Tianna was the mom & one of the daughters of the Belgium family that we were traveling with. As you can tell we were absolutely enthralling travel companions. Never a dull moment.
This is an understudy for the Egyptian version of the Village People.
I think he started to realize what I was doing right about this time. This was my last exposure just in case. I was very cautious about taking any pictures around security checkpoints.
There she is, the Queen Nefertiti. Not quite as miraculous as how Moses got across but I was starting to think it would take a miracle for as to actually get onto the stupid thing.
Did I mention for some reason all European & American looking people were ushered up to first class. I guess they must have known it was the 4th of July and wanted to give us something to celebrate. (Even the Belgiums were able to celebrate our nations birthday today.)

Since we were in first class I was able to continue my drive-by-shooting without the hindrance of windows. For this I was very appreciative.

I am assuming this is perhaps similar to what Moses saw after his people were standing safely on shore. I don't have a picture of what the Egyptians view was, sorry.
I have titled this picture "Parting my sister's hair on the Red Sea."
I was actually quite sad to be missing fireworks on the 4th of July. I also figured it would be prudent not to hold our own celebration. I could already see the headlines "Two American youth were shot to death after starting a series of small explosions while yelling praises to America in a Muslim country today." Luckily I didn't have to resort to anything of the sort. Apparently they celebrate weddings with a huge party, complete with fireworks. Today there were four weddings being celebrated and the room in our hostel had a prime view for the show. Its kind of weird, I think I felt more patriotic watching the fire works on the 4th of July in Jordan than I ever have in America. You really start to realize what you have when you don't have it at your disposal. Regardless, HAPPY FOURTH of JULY!!


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