Monday, April 8, 2013

Sobriety Test

After posting about my obsession to go photograph the moving rocks at the Race Track in Death Valley National Park I figured it only wise to post an image of one of the aforementioned moving rocks so that people will know what I was referring to. In fact, I will probably post a number of pictures from the Race Track. It is really a wonderful place to photograph. I am often faced with the question of what am I going to do different than what has already been done by so many others. When I faced that question here, all I could think was...who cares? Sometimes it is very refreshing to get the academics out of your head and just have some fun. I really enjoyed the creative exercise of walking and looking and composing. I liked looking for how the light played off of the polished playa. I liked the challenge of where my mind could go when I sat and pondered something as bizarre as this rock that looks like it really needed the services of a designated driver. I have plenty of images that I challenged myself to not settle for the predictable image but I still am quite happy with this result and the experiences that accompanied it as well.


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