Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the Shadow

Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park is one of those Mecca type places for landscape photographers. For me thats a problem. You show up with a camera at sunrise and it feels like you should grab a number and step into a queue. Nothing worse to me than a whole crowd sitting there taking the same picture. I still like going there don't get me wrong. It really is remarkably beautiful. What I usually end up doing though is looking everywhere but where everyone else is pointing their cameras. I find this to be a good exercise anyways. I don't like the superficial landscape photo. I call them trophy shots. They say as little to me as cliché pictures of barns and kittens. I like to explore and spend time to find out what else makes a place wonderful, interesting, exotic, mysterious, etc. besides just the surface appearance. I love the texture and forms that can be found at Zabriskie. That is what I find beautiful there. So in case you are wondering this picture was taken at Zabriskie point, not of Zabriskie point. My camera is pointed about 180 degrees away from most of the other cameras and down as well.


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