Friday, April 19, 2013

Geology in Abstract

My previous visit to Death Valley occurred over Presidents Day weekend. Since the sun went down long before we were tired we decided to go and listen to the Rangers Talks at the visitors center. I had never done that before and never really had interest but I was pleasantly surprised. My favorite by far was a discussion about the geology of the park and the forces in nature that helped form it. My eyes were opened and I was given new eyes to see. I wanted to know the story behind everything I saw. For one of our day trips we decided to drive Titus Canyon. There was one spot in particular that I found particularly fascinating. Sadly I did not pull out the camera. This time we made the trip through Titus again and this time I decided to study it more photographically. I am undecided on the results but I thought I would share anyways. On first glance you may see nothing but an abstract interplay of black and what values but imagine all the stories that could be told if you really listened to this wall talk.


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