Sunday, January 4, 2009

Temple of the Stars

You'll have to excuse me if you think this image is corny because lets be honest...It is corny. In my defense: It was hot, the light was not to my liking, we went a long way and I was going to get a picture dang it, and I was a little bored.

For those of you not familiar with Capital Reef National Park there is an area in the north part of the park called Lower Cathedral Valley. The most famous features in this valley are the 'Temple of the Sun' and the 'Temple of the Moon'. I decided, in part to my theological upbringing, that the valley wasn't quite right without a little telestial representation. So I did what has been done throughout history when theological representation doesn't agree with your own view point...I built my own temple. So with no further ado (or self-respect) I am proud to introduce the Temple of the Stars*.

*(In case you are wondering the newest temple would be the small pile of rock and mud in the bottom left hand corner. Also, for any over zealous environmentalists I practiced 'leave no trace' temple building so don't fret. All was returned to normal and no endangered snails, animals, or cryptobiotic soil was inconvenienced or hurt in the making of said temple.)


Ryan Muirhead said...

I would NOT kill myself just to get to that temple for the record.

Aubry T Jensen said...

:) I enjoyed reading about your picture and if i may so say, me like. Best of all i couldnt even tell that you made the "star" pile. Lookin good. (and as a side note: i am going to miss our class:()

Ai Mitton said...

K- here's my blog... Cool photo, by the way.

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