Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jerusalem is Finally Done.

I have been postdating all my Jerusalem day by day pictures. Since you can't see that there is anything new I am letting you know. Even if you subscribe to the blog it is not showing that there is anything new. Basically days 15-24 are all new posts.

So if you are interested you can click on the Jerusalem label to the right to see all of them or here is a shortcut for you.

"Jerusalem is done"

As a special treat I saved all of my self portraits to show until I was finished. Since people often complain to me that I never take pictures of myself. (Which apparently means I have no proof that I was at those cool places that I have taken pictures of.) So here are my self/tianna portraits, starting with some encore pictures that I previously included in other posts but thought they deserved showing again in this group:

Street corner by Omar's shop

In Fares's living room

Dead Sea

Me & Fares in his living room

With the Bedouins

Parting my sister's hair on the red sea

The elevator at the Ecce Homo Hospice

This was my first self portrait (I'm in Tianna's glasses) At the Dome of the Rock

Western Wall

Garden Tomb

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Golden Gate

Tianna modeling at the Ophel

Ecce Homo Elevator (This is what happens when you hold the camera wrong)

Bus to Cairo

Giza Pyramids

Bus ride across the Sinai peninsula

Red Sea (Nuweba)

Crossing the Red Sea (doesn't it look like my hair is blowing in the wind? ...weird)

Jordan border crossing

Petra (The Treasury)

Bedouin Tent (Jordan)

Don't ask (Mount Nebo)

Mount Nebo

Jordan River (Baptism site of Christ)

Model City (Jerusalem, Israel)

Mount of Beatitudes

Sea of Galilee

Dead Sea

Bell Caves

Seven Arches Overlook in Jerusalem

P.S. please overlook the fact that I am wearing the same shirt in lots of pictures. I didn't have much room left after packing all my camera equipment and luggage issues. (But you will have to read through all the rest of the blogs to hear the whole story.)


Tianna said...

Hooray! I'm so happy! :)

Meg Ruth said...

This is really amazing Travis!

Amber said...

First: Those are hilarious, I love the Red Sea part picture, very funny.
Second: Where'd all that hair come from.

Ashton Rodgers said...

those look awesome, i could use some warm weather.

Aubry T Jensen said...

awesome. need i saw more.

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