Friday, January 23, 2009

Death Valley ~ Sand Dunes

Needing a little R&R as recovery from the Olympic book, me and John Telford decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and travel down to Death Valley. John had been once but was not able to photograph and after seeing some of my pictures he decided to check it out for himself. We took off Thursday after I got out of class and came back Monday after sunrise. It was absolutely what the doctor ordered. Highs were in the mid to upper 70's including a record high on Sunday of 81 degrees, perfect basically. (expect the sky was blank for most of the time, which can be boring)

These first few pictures were taken during sunset on Saturday at the sand dunes. The last time I went down I really didn't get enough time to hike out past the obnoxious tourist footprints so no real pictures were taken. I was glad I got out there this time around even though it came because of a change in our plans. We were supposed to go out to the race track but we discovered why we blew out a tire the last time I was there. John decided his tires were not up to snuff and did not go, which was sad. Anyways, here are the dunes and I will be posting some more very soon.


Whitney Hardie said...

Awesome photos! I'm not really a desert person, but I love these dunes shots.

WJCR said...

I like the texture of the first picture. :)

Jamison said...

Travis, these are awesome! death valley looks incredible.

Frips said...

Very nice. I like the second and second to last best.

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