Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have slacked as of late. This I know. So I was playing with an image I took over Thanksgiving from my front yard in Idaho looking east and thought I would share. I've got more but I'm slacking remember.

While back in Maine I got intrigued with stereoview cards. This is an old process done with a camera that has two lenses that takes a simultaneous exposure of the same subject, but slightly off. The two images are printed and mounted onto a card side by side. Using a stereoviewer to look at the card you get the illusion of seeing the scene in 3d. I went to one store that had thousands and thousands of these cards. They were all categorized by state or country. I looked through Jerusalem and Utah which had many cards and then I looked at Idaho. The only card they had to represent Idaho, you guessed it, cows. I bought it. I guess it was my inspiration for this picture.


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