Sunday, January 25, 2009

Death Valley ~ 20 Mule Team Canyon

I'll keep this one simple. For our final sunrise we went to a lesser known canyon called 20 Mule Team Canyon, it is just up the road from Zabriskie Point. The terrain is somewhat similar but much more isolated and relaxing. We were also blessed with clouds which was a first for us, it had been bald skies the entire time. Basically it was beautiful and relaxing. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

And this is John, he will probably hate this one...selective focus, he's shooting digital, basically everything he used to chew us out for.


Amber said...

Ansel? Is that you? These are great. I especially like the last one.

Slade said...

No, that's John Adams...Ansel's long lost half-cousin.

Call me sometime Travis. I put in a plug for you at UVU.

Anson Gessel Pho+ography said...

John, John, John... so sad to see.

jared said...

I would say if it was John Telford then at least the tripod story stayed the same.

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