Monday, June 4, 2007

Hawaii...or in other words "Now you know what it would take to get me to photograph your wedding!"

Michelle: Travis are you still photographing weddings?
Travis: NO!
Michelle: Would you photograph mine?
Travis: Um...Still No!
Michelle: I'm getting married in Hawaii.
Travis: The answer will always be....Wait, what did you say?
Michelle: I'm getting married in Hawaii.
Travis: Um..I'm not sure. (a.k.a. internal strife and confusion)
Michelle: We will fly you there, give you a car and a condo in Turtle Bay for one week.
Travis: OK, I give up. I will photograph your wedding for you but I'm not happy about it. (That last part was a lie. I was now very happy to be photographing this particular wedding but I've got to keep up appearances.)
p.s. I might have paraphrased a little bit but it is true to the spirit of the conversation.

Michelle Kehoe was a friend of mine from the photo program at BYU. She was starting the program while I was graduating from it. I sat in on John Telford's zone system class as a refresher because I had already taken it. Michelle was taking it the first time. We went out photographing a few times and she ended up borrowing my camera as well. When I came back working at BYU she was still there and we kept up the friendship. I was actually kind of flattered that she asked me to shoot her wedding even though I was very apprehensive at first. (It always is flattering when another photographer would entrust something like their wedding to you.)

So even though weddings will be few and far between for me from here on out I figured I would post this anyways. Just because I am posting wedding pictures I don't want you to be getting any crazy ideas about me doing them again. (Unless your crazy idea fits into the approximate going rate that Michelle so graciously established for me.) So without any further ado...Here are some wedding pictures. P.S. the grooms name is Reggie

I have a soft spot for the young budding photographers. I can't help but photograph those photographing.


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