Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rosslyn Chapel

It is time to start sharing some of my photography again. I haven't put anything up since I left a cryptic post back in May. I am going to leave it cryptic for now and will go into more of an explanation as I have time to edit and start sequencing my imagery but needless to say it has been an amazing quest so far. This image is from Rosslyn Chapel just outside of Edinburgh Scotland. The chapel was made famous from the Dan Brown novel and the subsequent movie The Da Vinci Code. Photography is actually not allowed in the chapel but through discussions with the Rosslyn Chapel Trust they were gracious enough to allow me access.

There is a lot of subtle symbolism that I have included as I was composing this image. The biggest one is physically not possible to see but it is due to the location of the tripod as I took this picture. Without me providing the context inspiring the image I hope you can still enjoy the beauty of it. The chapel truly is remarkable and I would highly recommend visiting it if you ever find yourself in Scotland. If you find yourself not ending up in Scotland then I also recommend changing that predicament as soon as possible. Incredible country, weird getting used to driving in, but other than that it is absolutely stunning.


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