Monday, September 30, 2013

Hogwarts and Photography

I love photography. If you know me at all this statement will not come as a surprise. Another love that is well known is my love for the world of Harry Potter. There is something about the idea of magic actually existing that excites my love for life. The known world is a little boring to me, the unknown is invigorating. Imagine my amazement when I discovered that the very home where William Henry Fox Talbot invented photography (his version anyways) is also where they brought some of the magic of Harry Potter to life. This image is from the cloisters of Lacock Abbey. These were also the halls of Hogwarts. Down the hall to the left was Snape's dungeon and also the classroom where they stored the Mirror of Erised. Welcome to the location of one of my versions of heaven on earth; where magic and photography met.


Rebekah said...

You have such amazing adventures. I wish I could see more of your "Magical" vacation!

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