Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Triple Bypass

I went home to Idaho back in February to make a presentation about my work for the BYU Idaho Art department. While at home my Dad told me that we needed to go to the emergency room because something did not feel right. Our family has a history of heart problems and as a result we don't take warning signs lightly. He seemed to pass all tests but something was still off so he kept going back for more. They finally found three blocked arteries and decided that surgery was in order.

So on March 27, 2009 my dad went in for triple bypass surgery, luckily it was preemptive surgery rather than after a heart attack. It is an eye opening experience seeing your dad in that situation and all the realities of mortality that suddenly rush to the front of your mind. The night before the surgery my older brother, myself and both my parents stayed up discussing the details of my dad's living will and what his wishes would be. It will be a memory I will always have and am glad that it will not be the last that we can create.

The surgery was a success and he has recovered quickly for which we are very grateful.

This is a very typical scene with my family. My dad does not play games so when he is busily involved with genealogy or any other distractions, the rest of us get together and play games. It seemed like he was going to be busy for quite a while on this particular day so we brought some games to the hospital to play to pass the time.

(P.S. We were very concerned the entire time)


Mike Roberts said...

My family thought it was very morbid when I took photos of my father in recovery after he had a valve replaced. Nicely done

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