Wednesday, October 16, 2013

River Tweed

One legend states that the magician Merlin was buried on the banks of the River Tweed close to the village of Drumelzier in Scotland under a thorn tree. (I never found out what a thorn tree was but I assume it was similar to those bushes across the river. They are brilliant orange and all over Scotland) One of Scotland's prophets, Thomas the Rhymer or Michael Scot (it's not known who exactly) even made a prophecy concerning the location of Merlin's grave. The prophecy claimed that when the River Tweed and the River Powsail met at Merlin's grave, Scotland and England would have one Monarch. This came true in 1603 when Scotland and England were first united under James VI of Scotland (James I of England) on the very same day that the river Tweed overflowed its banks and met the river Powsail at the site of Merlin's Grave. This is the River Tweed just as it enters the village of Drumelzier. Is this the legendary site? Not a clue. But I'll give it this, it was a wonderful place to spend the morning photographing and also reported to be a great place to go fishing as well.


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