Saturday, October 5, 2013

Camlet Moat

Camlet Moat lies in what was the Royal Hunting Forest of Enfield Chase within what is now Trent Park. Camlet Moat is basically a small square shaped island surrounded by water except for a small bridge. The purpose of the moat is unknown with proposed possibilities ranging from protection to sanitation to decoration. This particular moat gets its fame from either being haunted by the ghost of a twelfth century knight named Geoffrey de Mandeville or from having a name so similar to Camelot which in turn gave rise to Arthurian legend.

What I actually found really great about Camlet Moat is how protected and isolated I felt from the insanity of the huge city in which it was located. We took the tube from Hyde Park in London and ended up a few minutes walk from this spectacular forested area. It is the first time I felt that I had ever experienced what I would term nature within a large city. The serenity was almost palpable. It is moments and places like this that make me realize how important I truly find the unadulterated landscape. Even here where the hand of man is obvious it has since been reclaimed by nature and the peace has returned. 


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