Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pelican Point

I like how tranquil this scene is. I recently looked at a snapshot I took of the valley from the top of Mt. Timpanogos 10 years ago. It was a shock to see how few houses there were on the west and north sides of the lake back then. Now I look at Pelican Point and it saddens me to think some people want nothing more than to turn this spot into the end of a bridge. So that the wave of suburban sprawl can continue with greater convenience.

I wish maintaing places of peace and solitude carried a stronger weight in politics and business than money does. When I started down the path that has led to my life in photography I was heavily motivated in that direction by a few words from a teacher: "Why would you want to be rich and miserable? Do what you love and everything else will find a way to take care of itself." I find places and moments such as these far more rewarding than money.


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