Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tiberius Arms

I have been doing some occasional commercial work for a high end paintball company called Tiberius Arms. (Yes, those are paintball guns that they are holding.) Most of the pictures end up being very boring product photography. (Sorry to all product photographers, but that is definitely not my personal photographic interest.) The advertising pictures I get to have a little more fun with. I did make the mistake early on doing a good job in the studio and now they have decided that the look has become kind of a trademark which makes it harder to try something different. Here are the two advertising images most recently finished.


Ryan Muirhead said...

Let's have some explanation of how you lit them!

Slade said...


You know, if you don't want more work, don't do a good job!

Ashton Rodgers said...


Amber said...

I like the second one. He looks like the Terminator.

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