Monday, October 6, 2008

A Few More Portraits


Anonymous said...

The guy on the diving board--
Is he a lifeguard? and..
Is he missing an arm??

I'm hoping one of the answers is no because I wouldn't feel so safe if both of the answers are yes

Unknown said...

i know what is missing from all of your portraits now.

Travis Lovell said...

Yes, he is missing an arm. Yes, he is also a lifeguard and has been for four years. He was also a starter for his high school basketball and baseball teams. He led his basketball team to the state playoffs and was one of the leading scorers. His name is Porter Ellett. Spending time doubting Porter would be a considerable waste of your time. He doesn't, and considering his track record I find myself trusting his opinion on this one.

Chelsy said...

Is that John Beck?

And as cool as Tiberius Arms sounds for the guns, Tyler isn't tough enough looking himself to be the model! haha! shhh, don't tell Audrey I said that.

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