Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to Maine

For those that do not know I am getting my Masters of Fine Art at Rockport College in Rockport Maine. I can attend workshops through the Maine Media Workshops for part of my graduate credit. So as a result I am spending three weeks in Maine this summer doing just that. My first workshop is with Jeff Rosenheim who is the curator of photography for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He is one of the leading experts in the world on photographers such as Walker Evans, Diane Arbus, Robert Frank and others. This workshop is predominantly a photographic history workshop where we discuss the work of prominent photographers and then in turn critique our own projects. It is has been absolutely wonderful so far. I have included a few images from class discussions down on the ocean front (rough I know), views of the harbor, and pictures of the place I will call home for the next three weeks. The house has a cool Northeastern Grandma feel to it which was fun to go around and photograph in. This has been one of few days that it has not been raining so far.

My instructor Jeff, would be on the left.


JP said...

love the pictures in the house.
are you shooting digitol?

Anonymous said...

Are you shooting "digitol"?
Or are you using "Dektol"?

Travis Lovell said...

I don't use "digitol" or "dektol". I prefer xtol and film whenever possible but yes the house pictures were all shot digitally.

Leslie said...

So jealous! That sounds like an awesome class.

Digital??? I'm shocked. :)

Unknown said...

travis, i really love the image
2nd from the bottom. it is really cool. i could look at it all day and still enjoy it the next time i looked at it!

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