Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Religious Images

I know it has been a long time in the making but I am finally in a position to start working on the images I started in Jerusalem last summer. I took pictures that were incomplete (missing a person or item) and am now going into the studio to photograph these pieces. I then combine the new elements into the original image. It required a lot of asking around to find out who the right people were and now through the graciousness of the LDS Motion Picture Studio I have access to clothes and props to finish out the images. These will be works in progress but I will begin to post them as I am working on them. These are the first two: "Christ Walking on Water" and "The Carpenter's Son"


Amber said...

I really love the colors and compositions of both of these. They look great.

Slade said...

I like the images, the colors too. I question the use of the dry-plate border though. I think it takes away from the content which is strong and doesn't need anything else.

I'm re-linking you to my blog. :)

Ashton Rodgers said...

travis, i didn't know that you had a blog. i'm glad i found it. these images are awesome. i wish i would have seen them sooner so we could talk about them in person. i guess that will have to wait. anyway, great work.

Andrea Marie said...

Hey Travis! It's your favorite photo student! ;) I wanted to tell you that I love, love, love these religious photos that you have done. I love the mood and style of them. I'm glad I got to see them!

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