Sunday, April 27, 2008

2008 Spring Salon

I entered two images into the Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon. As usual I got one in and one rejected. Every time I have submitted to an exhibit at the Springville Museum I have had the same result. I guess I can be happy with a 50% acceptance rate. This image has already been in a couple of exhibits but I was curious how it would do in Springville so I am glad it got in. The exhibit is open from 27 April - 6 July 2008.


Tianna said...

Trav, is this your "Hey, people think Utah Lake is ugly, but look, it's really beautiful" project? If so, maybe you should explain that in your blog. If not... what is it? Either way, it looks awesome. Can't wait to get down to Springville to see it! (I promise, I'll go to this show! Y'know, since you actually "told" me about this one.)

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