Friday, June 1, 2012

Black vs White

I took these a few years ago just outside of Capitol Reef National Park. I meant to use them in my Zone System class to discuss the differences between 'accurate' and 'interpretive' exposure. If we really understand exposure (this is different then letting our digital cameras do all the thinking for us) we can be more free to be creative in how we interpret our subjects. These two pictures were created by using different exposures, development times and printing modifications (dodging and burning). I find all of these tools to be integral parts of the expressive photographic processes. Bragging about an image being straight out of the camera without manipulation has always been amusing to me...the process of taking a picture itself is a manipulation. Is it just admitting that you had nothing more to say?


Jolene said...

You should have brought them to class. We might have grasped quicker what you were trying to teach us about being in control of the image by being in control of the zone placement of values in the exposure. I would have picked up the concept more quickly with this pair of exposures/prints to discuss and study.

Travis Lovell said...

I know my bad and my apologies. I had forgotten that I had taken them. I am playing catch up on old and overlooked pictures. Unfortunately it is true...the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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