Friday, July 17, 2009

The "Cat" Days of Summer!

I am in Maine again for grad school and my days have basically consisted of locking myself away in my apartment while writing. It is a real shame to fly across country to Maine and then stare at my computer screen from inside my room. So occasionally, when my sanity so dictates it, I grab the camera and head outside. Other than my cat Goldie, I have always been more of a dog person. So what I saw today was kind of troubling. The dogs of Maine seem to be going through a major identity crisis. In my short little hike I ran across two instances where it seemed cats are gaining in their efforts to take over the world. Seriously! Who takes there cat out for a walk on a leash? (Besides girls that wear heels with pajama shorts?) And look at the reaction of that cat. Sanna said it best- "The cat is like 'Oh crap, I hope nobody sees me like this!'" The little girl had her music blasting over her phone to. But seriously a cat on a leash? I call it "The Catwalk" (I apologize, that was bad.)

Then look at this poor dog. I know that the cat up in the hayloft is fake but doesn't the dog just look humiliated and depressed that a cat is doing security detail. I just wanted to go up and give the dog a nice reassuring hug and a scratch behind the ear but that cat was kind of intimidating me.


Kirsten said...

That's hilarious!

Are you almost done with school?

We never made it down to Utah, obviously...but when we do, watch out! You're getting set up with the CUTEST girl on the planet! (OK, OK, I'm sure you get told that about every blind date but I'M SERIOUS!)

Rebekah said...

So, Kirsten totally stole my comment. Does that mean we are sisters? :) But these ARE hilarious!

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