Friday, January 18, 2008

UVU Faculty Exhibit

The Utah Valley University faculty exhibit is here again. It will be up until February 15th at the UVSC Woodbury Gallery in the University Mall. It is a nice opportunity for the students to be able to see what kind of work their faculty is producing and critique us for a change. I will post my images that I included here but don't miss out on seeing the rest of the exhibit before it comes down.

Two images came from my Religious Imagery project and the other was from my Utah Lake project. I would be interested to hear what you think about the images if you would like to comment.

The Garden Tomb
The Garden of Gethsemane


Rachel said...

So I just went and saw the faculty show and I like that you chose to keep the garden and easter morn small. Did you do any other religious pictures when you were over in Jerusalem this summer? And how did you do the widows mite picture? Also how come you picked that particular lake picture? I love all 3 of your choices though. p.s. I noticed how nicely your matting was!

Frips said...

I really love the religious pictures. They are very emotional and powerful. I enjoy the simple compositions and love how you blurred parts and distressed the edges. Very nice.

Anson Gessel Pho+ography said...

Nicely done! I was hoping someone would start doing religious photographs. I really think it would be a great niche to create stunning, period photography. Keep up the good work.

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